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 Servicios de Traducción

How can we help you?


Have you ever felt that languages are a barrier for sorting things out? Yes, we know that sometimes it can be hazzle to get all the paperwork or documents needed. Things like, Residence permit, driving license, town hall documents you name it. Here at B-langauges we offer assistance in dealing with all this kind of paperwork.

It might be that you need very precise communication at a doctors appointment? or some assistant at the courthouse? Or may be the case you need a face to face interpretation? Not quite sure who to trust? B-languages is here to help you.

¿Cómo podemos ayudar?


Los idiomas pueden llegar a ser una barrera entre dos partes que desean comunicarse . Aquí en B-languages sabemos que no siempre es fácil saber a quien acudir para una traducción confiable. 

Nuestros servicios de traducción abarcan diferentes facetas. ¿Necesitas un proofreading o editing para tú página web? ¿Algún documento oficial que deseas traducir al inglés?  Tal vez necesitas comunicarte con alguien en una reunión de empresa o cita importante.

¿Buscas en quién confiar? B-languages está aquí para ayudarte.

🇬🇧  Meet the Translator

Hi there how it is going? My name is Ben. I have a mixture of British & Spanish background. I currently live in the small island of Lanzarote (Canary islands) Assisting in translation gives me the chance of helping others to communicate in the best way possible. Every day I try to learn step by step how to be more helpful in this regard and become someone to trust.

🇪🇸   Conoce al Traductor

Hola! Qué tal? Me llamo Benjamin y en mi caso los idiomas vienen de familia. Aunque he nacido y criado en España mi parte materna es inglesa. Actualmente vivo en la pequeña isla de Lanzarote. Con la traducción disfruto de poder ayudar a las personas a que puedan llegar a comunicarse de la mejor manera posible.



In what areas of translation do we have experience?

Some of the areas which we mostly cover are:

  • General annual meetings
  • Legal translation assistance at the courthouse
  • Face to face Translations

En que campos de la traducción nos movemos?

Los tipos de traducción que más abarcamos son:

  • Junta anual de vecinos
  • Asistencia en tradcucción legal en los juzgados
  • Interpretación in-situ

Latest News!!

Have you paid your taxes?

Every year, all non residents who are owners of a property in Spain, must complete a Non Resident Income Tax Form. This form must be completed  reporting to the tax office that you own a property in Spain. This tax applies to anybody who is not legally a resident in Spain, but who has assets in Spain, such as property, income from the rental of property.

Need a hand filling in this form? Please feel free to contact us.

N.I.E number?

A N.I.E is a personal, unique number that is assigned to foreigners who, for economic, professional, or social reasons, are engaged in activities related to Spain and require identification in this country.

  • Do you need a N.I.E number? If you are thinking of buying a house, a car, or having a spanish bank account here in Spain this will a first step to get things done.
  • How to apply for a N.I.E number? The first thing is to book an appointment at the Policia Nacional office. Normally this appointment is done online.
  • Can I live in Spain if I have a N.I.E number? No, having a N.I.E number does not entitle the holder to reside in Spain or prove residence. If you wish to become a resident in Spain it will be a different procedure.

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