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Spanish in action

Welcome to our next lesson «Spanish in Action»  in this lesson we will see:  ‘Are you hungy?’ Let’s go over and learn the vocabulary. Vamos amigo.

The vocabulary

¿Tienes hambre? / Are you hungry?

Si, tengo hambre / Yes, I am hungry

Restaurante / Restaurant

¿Qué desean? / What would you like?

Reservado/a / Booked

Yo quiero.. / I want..

¿Algo más?Anything else?

Camarero / Waiter

Comer / Eat

Beber / Drink

Conversation 4º

Are you hungry?

Let’s talk the vocabulary

Jose: ¿Tienes hambre?

Marta: Si, tengo hambre 

Jose: Vamos a comer?

Marta: Si,claro

Jose: He reservado una mesa

Camarero: ¿Qué desean?

Marta: Yo quiero comer Paella

Jose: Yo también, Por favor

Camarero: ¿Algo más?

Marta: Si para beber Agua por favor

Jose: Yo Cerveza

Camarero: Ok, gracias

Eating food

Typical Spanish Food & Drinks

Tortilla / Potato omelette


Chorizo / Typical spanish sausage

Tinto de verano / Red wine & Lemonade

Bocadillo de Calamares / Squid roll

Jamón Serrano / Cured Jam

Ensaladilla rusa / Potato & mayonnaise with some mix vegetables

Churros con chocolate / Typical Breakfast

Sangria / Red wine & Lemonade and mix fruit

Are you ready for more? Okey, where would you like to go next? What about learning to ask for some food? Well just click on our next Conversation number 5 How do I get there?

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